May 23, 2018

A Longer Walk During the Day & Waiting for the Movie at Night

Today I took my usual walking route to look for some interesting subject matter to photograph.


Here is the landscape shot for the day.  Looking towards Torrey Hills and the I5 freeway.


That is one expensive towel rack.


The blue accessible parking sign made an interesting contrast to the dark red leaves of the tree.


Truck - 1, Blossom Tree - 0.


I had a brief chat with these two gentlemen.  They were on their lunch break from paving the road and posed for my camera.

That's the Wirtgen Paver they were using.


Fast foward to the evening after work and I'm waiting at the Starbucks inside the Barnes and Nobles.  I had a half hour to wait before the movie starts.  I got a hall pass to go see the movie myself tonight.  My daughter loves playing with cups.


So you have this one company the use to be a prominent with photography selling pens while these two other products that have nothing to do with photography resembling Leicas.  I actually wouldn't mind that power bank though.  It'll make for either a good gag gift or a conversation starter for fellow photogs.


Next door is Gen Korean BBQ.  It's their newest restaurant location so there's quite a bit of wait.  Going to take the family to this next chance I get.


Tonights movie will be Deadpool 2.

Leica m240 w/ Summilux-50mm f/1.4 ASPH

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