May 30, 2018

Bird Rock & A Bird on a Tree

My co-worker and I were craving some good coffee so we took a short drive over to Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.  It's named after a neighborhood in La Jolla where they first established a coffee shop.


I was totally digging these pins on his cap.


It wasn't quite as busy at this time of the day.  Considering it was way past the morning rush.


My co-worker, Ryan, in anticipation of great coffee.


The Slayer 3 Group Expresso Machine.  These are considered to be the Ferrari of expresso machines. 

After work I went for a short walk near the beach.  I soon discovered that they had taken out the power for the traffic signals and turn the intersection into a 3 way stop.


Like this jogger, I was playing frogger trying to avoid being hit.


San Diego Gas and Electric doing electrical work.  After a brief chat, I was told that they will be working through the night.  I asked if I could take a photo of them working.


Linemen working below surface.


I walked up and saw these three cones playing hide and seek with the dozer


Construction vehicles parked at the top.


Ten year old me wanted to sit and play with the controls.


I went up to find Sunset Seat.  A chair carved from the a Torrey Pine that was once infested with the bark beetles.  Instead of completely removing it, a resident worked with a wood carver to preserve it. You can learn more about in this Del Mar Times article.


A closer look at the plaque revealing the designer and the wood carver.


As the title of this post suggests that is the bird on a tree.  A hawk to be exact, carved along with the bench.


I decided to spend a moment at the seat and gaze at the sliver of sun cutting through the clouds.  Then I spotted these pelicans flying in formation.


You can also see this cliff side mansion overlooking the ocean.  According to Zillow, it's currently estimated at $21million.


I end the day with this stop sign covering for the traffic lights.

Leica m240 w/ Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 APSH

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