June 2, 2018

A Fair Day

It's that time of the year.  The fair is back in town. Besides consuming large quantities of fried foods, I like to use this opportunity to take more photos and develop my photography skills.  I usually try to go after 3pm and skip the super harsh daytime-noon lighting.


The fair actually travels up starting in San Diego (Del Mar Fair Grounds) stays for a few weeks then travels up north towards Los Angeles (Pomona actually) stopping at Orange County in the middle.  But we always seem to have themes attached to our version of the fair.


First prize for the largest rooster.


Lamba Lamba staring back at me.  I love how they groom the fur on their heads (is that considered a hairdo at this point)?


Doors are open in the barns and it feels like an open house for farm life.  You can see all sorts of demos like a cow being milked, feedings and this sheep being groomed.


Big Burgers, Big Fries, Big Ribs for the big tummies.


Where olympians train for the summer version of the bobsled race.


Trying to work on more on my layering techniques.


Iron Maiden meets Doom.  Creepy but still have to admire the sculpting.


One has to wonder where they store these mile long hot dogs in such a small shack.


You won't find anything French here.  Not even the fries.  Really like this time of the day when the sun is setting and the lights are starting to show.


I'm actually working on editing and displaying a series of photos I took of the people that work and attend fair.  Stay tuned.

Leica m240 w/ Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 APSH

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