June 14, 2018

Amazon Meetup

I was invited to a Meetup hosted by the folks at Amazon.  They recently moved their office space to UTC and hosted a "Appy" hour.  It was mostly a networking event but that didn't stop me from taking photos.

I got kind of lost as there was no sign indicating where their office was located.

A bit of searching and I able to located their office.  Good choice on the wood.  It gives the space a natural, warm feel.

Their open space lounge/lobby which felt very open.  Lots of natural light from the skylight and the windows.  Contemporary with some midcentury feel.  Bonus points for having open ceiling without tiles.

I spent some more time looking around and admiring their decor.

I then poked my head in the middle of a live coding session.

The rest of the time I mingled and networked.  I got to talk with some really interesting people (and take their photos as well).

I noticed the Eli Lilly building on the way home and pulled in to grab a quick photo.  They are also big players in the biotechnology space.

Leica m240 w/ Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 APSH

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