June 4, 2018

Suburban Parking Lot: Part 1

Today's errands brought me to a neighborhood with some interesting cars parked so today's post is mostly going to be about the cars I've spotted in a my short walk around this neighborhood.


Classic Corvette Stingray.  Wonder if she still runs.


Thought only Honda made Odysseys?  Think again because today I discovered that they had a line of RVs with the same name.  I'm pretty amazed to see one and wonder about it's potential to actually haul it's own weight.  In my subconscious I probably wrote it off as junk and framed this Junk Removal truck with it.


This beautiful Plymouth Belvedere just happens to be parked in the side of the road.  Then again I wonder how it would fit in a modern home garage.


Absolutely loved the curves, the chrome and of course the red.  It's such an amazing looking classic.  The owner must be very proud.


I've heard of camouflaging a prototype car that driven on the streets to conceal it's design elements but this circa 2000 Lexus IS300 won't be able to fool anyone anymore.  Perhaps the owner should try suburban camouflage.


Chrome rims... check, gold rims... check.  Unity pole outside your driveway... umm ..check.


Doubles as a pontoon during the weekends.


I use to own an SC300 so I get my heartstrings tugged every time I see one .  I'll skip these "Altezza" style lights though.

I hope to have this a s continuing series.  In my walks I tend to keep and eye out for cars that interest me and hopefully interest the readers out there as well.

Leica m240 w/ Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 APSH

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