June 20, 2018

Downtown and Mimmo's

Last night we met up with some friends who drove all the way from Orange County down to visit us for a day trip.  It was difficult to find parking (without paying and arm and leg) so I had to drop off the wife and kids at the restaurant and parked a bit further down.  I used that as an opportunity to shoot some downtown scenery.

This tiny Mexican food shack seemed very out of place as it was completely dwarfed by the surrounding buildings.  I was here last year and it was still open.  Now it sits closed as a sign of the times

Little Italy.  I'm getting close.

I helped these girls traveling from out of state take their photo.

Made it to Mimmo's.  It's my first time dining here.  Being that they are located at the heart of Little Italy, I would expect nothing short of authentic.

It's hard to tell from the outside but the inside feels like you've just arrived in a cute little town in  Italy.

They have a number of themed rooms like this one resembling a wine cellar.

We sat next to this street lamp with the ceiling painted blue.   It felt like it was perpetually blue hour.

After dinner we went to Salt and Straw and even though I was full, I still indulged in Ice Cream.  I had the Duck Crackling w/ Cherry Preserves.  They are never short of concoctions.  

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