June 16, 2018

Downtown San Diego Street Photos

Yesterday I had attended a show at the San Diego Civic Theatre which was located in downtown San Diego.  I had some time before the show started so I went for a walk around to practice shooting some street photos.  I didn't have a set path but just went as far as I could minding my time to return to the theatre.

I found a Paris Hotel.

This has to be a movie reference but I'm not sure from where.

I certainly hope they didn't just take a hamster out from that restaurant.

I also chatted with a few people and asked if I could take their photo.  I much prefer this style of shooting but I usually have to build up a lot of courage to ask.  I'm grateful to all those that allow me to take their photos.

The fellow on the left is actually dresses up as Santa during the holidays.  He even gave me his business card.  The things you learn from talking to random people on the streets.

I spotted this Sailor with his gal and I just had to ask for a photo.  We all had a laugh about the derelict building background.

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