June 17, 2018

Father's Day

Nothing like celebrating Father's day with having an hour or so of me time.  My wife and I sometimes do a tag team of looking after the children with one of us going out and having a bit of time to ourselves.  This can also mean having lunch separately which is what I did today.  I decided to get something quick at Mitsuwa Marketplace.

Mitsuwa is a Japanese supermarket located throughout the United States.  In California alone I've been to 4 locations.  Each ranging from small enough to sell just groceries to gigantic ones that have their own department stores, bakery and a large food court.  I would say this one is kind of in the middle with a food court and smaller shops.

Here we are outside.

This one has Santouka which serves Ramen and Musashiya which services a variety from soba, udon, dons (rich bowls) and curry.  You order at the counter and wait for your number to be called.  The food is presented to you on a tray, you take the tray with your food and you hunt for an empty seat.  Today it seems to be at capacity.

A closer look at Santouka Ramen

I ordered my food but had to wait as it was quite busy today.  So I decided to wander through the actual supermarket section.  Perhaps I should get the sushi and sashimi here next time instead of waiting.  Pretty much grab and go at this point.

Wasabi aisle and Mayonnaise in a bag.

Curry aisle.  This couple had many choices to choose from.

I love Pocky both the sweet and savory variants.

Took a look at all the father's day drawings from the employee's children.

They have a neat little pickled section.

The bright ultra-white glowing light can only mean that I am in the cosmetics section.

Bing Cherry

The chilled beverage section.  Looking through all the varieties of Ramune and Calipico drinks.

Afterwards I went to Bookoff to see if they had any used books that I liked.  I could spend so much time here look through all the books and consignment goods.  They have a huge selection of Anime figurines and Manga.  I also have purchased a few photography books at low prices and were still in great condition.

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