June 18, 2018

Journey Towards Mindful Photography

Today I am going to start to incorporate mindfulness into my photography.  What does that mean?  Well to start, It means slowing down and being more aware of what's around me.  It means even though I'm walking the same route, I shouldn't let my mind wander and focus not just with the camera but also mentally by removing distractions and anxieties.  Every walk should be an opportunity to explore photographic possibilities even if it may come off as mundane.

Let's begin by slowing down and looking for something new from the usual.

Well this is a good start.  Someone is going to be painting something new.

Clouds at this time of the day is actually pretty rare for me.

Wetsuit from a morning surfer

This Scion XB has seen better days

The things people strap onto the back of their jeeps.

Starting to notice more shadows.

Getting comfortable taking a closer look at things

Stopping to observe colors all around

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