June 9, 2018

Leica Q: More Impressions (while at the fair)

I took the Leica Q that was loaned to me by my co-worker to the San Diego County Fair to get more acquainted with it's photo taking abilities.  I left much of the settings on auto and controlled the aperture myself.  Autofocus was also on.

This guy came very close to me.  I think he may have exceeded the minimum focus for the M.  No problem with the Leica Q.

Dirty job

Indoors with mixed lighting.  I had to recover the highlights, tweaked the WB a bit and increased the exposure and contrast.  The rear sign appears to be banding but under closer inspection that actually is a black cloth wrapped around a board causing a texture.

The shutter is near silent allowing you to shoot without disturbing others.

Three friendly chaps allowing me to test my camera.  Love the color renditions.  No additional processing required.

The files are so malleable.  I was able to recover this shadows while preserving highlights.  I could have recovered up to the point where it starts to look HDR but I wanted a more natural look.  The dynamic range is pretty stellar.

One handed operation.  I had to manage the camera while pushing the stroller.

The image stabilization allowed me to hand hold this shot to give it a sense of movement.  1/30 shutter speed.

Auto white balance nailed it.

Composed using the rear screen LCD.   It's just as good as the EVF.

My Leica Q experience has been great so far.  The colors and files feel familiar to those of the m240 with more range.  It's not weighty at all compared to my m240 setup with the Summilux-M 28mm.  It's more nimble, more responsive but the down side to that is now I feel I'm more running and gunning.  The M promotes a different type of shooting style for me while the Leica Q strangely reminds me of shooting with an iPhone (but bigger and better IQ of course).

I still have the M for another day or two so stay tuned

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