June 15, 2018

San Diego Civic Theatre

Tonight I went off to the San Diego Civic Theatre in downtown San Diego.  Traffic was brutal but I made it with time to spare.  By the way, they do allow cameras just nothing that looks like a DSLR.  My Leica m240 was disregarded at the security point.

I had tickets for School of Rock.

This is the fountain right outside the theatre.  It's called Bow Wave.  

Inside the theatre lobby.  A huge chandelier hangs from the the top.

View of the concessions stand from the top. Folks are picking up some last minute meals and snacks before the show begins.

My friendly usher for this evening. 

View from my row.  I had a seat in the mezzanine section.

During intermission, the bartenders are hustling to make drinks. 

While still keeping a smile.

People waiting and lounging during intermission.

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