June 1, 2018

Sunny Friday

Glad to see that the sun's back out.  I took a few photos with the short time I had to walk.  I was mainly focusing on objects with saturated colors from the sun.


Classic E28 BMW 535is in a rich red paint.  This is such a clean example.  The owner must take a lot of pride in keeping it in this condition.


There's no shortage of flowers and tree stumps during my walks.


The air/gas truck.  You see a lot of these in bio-tech research campuses.


I never quite understood why Fiat would make an SUV version of the 500.  Maybe it's an American thing and then again Mini also has an SUV version.  Not for me but I like the bright orange.


Looks like someone is doing some vent work using the crane I hope.  The green and orange just screams.


Funny thing is that my team went out to lunch at Prep Kitchen which was on Camino Del Mar where I went after work yesterday for a short walk.  There's no shortage of IPAs in San Diego.


Also no shortage of micro coffee roasters.  This is the Zumbar coffee cart outside of the Zel's restaurant.  They are, currently my favorite out of all of the micro roasters in the San Diego area.

Some thoughts on food photography with Leica.  It's difficult to photograph food with Leica's due to it's .7meter minimum focusing.  The two photos above with the beer and coffee is the closest I can focus using the Leica M with the 28mm.  I'm wondering if the macro adapter Leica Macro M Adapters would help in this case.  Does anyone want to share their experiences using the Macro M adapter on either 28mm or 50mm?

Leica m240 w/ Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 ASPH

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