June 8, 2018

Leica Q: First Impressions

Today I did the unthinkable and swapped my Leica m240 for a Leica Q.  Before I get boo-ed off the internet by devoted M shooters, I would like to add that it is only temporary.  A co-worker of mine actually had the Leica Q and was curious about the shooting an M.  I had recently been curious about shooting a Q so we agreed to do a temporary camera swap for a week.

I did a bit of looking through the menus and tweaking some stuff but decided to just learn as I shoot.  So here I am shooting and sharing photos of my first outing with the Q.  


First shot outside.  A manhole cover.  I was already shooting beyond what the M can do.  Selective autofocus at the manhole cover and at shutter speed 1/5000.  Since it took a picture without making a sound, I figured the electronic shutter kicked in.


I'm at the wrong place.  I needed to go to the Hilton which was down the block.


I was trying to figure out the other autofocus modes but just ended up using the AFc single point.  I was also on single shot mode when I probably would have done better with continuous.  I still like this one.  It seems i'm following him in a car but I was just standing and following through with the shots.


No ND filter and I was still able to shoot wide open in daylight.  This camera is amazing.  1/16000 f/1.7


I'm inside the Hilton now but this is not the bar.  The camera made some tick sound with reminded of my Canon lens when IS was engaged so I'm assuming OIS engaged.  1/60 f/5.6


I'm finally at the bar.  Hanging out with my co-workers for Friday happy hour.  Sadly the one with my M did not attend or we would have comparison shots.  Although, like the m240, it still manages to mess up the skin tones and make them red/orange.  I had to dial it back.


Food photography yay.  I'm beginning to really like the selective point AF.


After some drinking and chatting, I decided to walk outside while the sun was still out.  Here's another example of using the AF selective point.  With the m240, I would have to focus and recompose and adjust accordingly.  Sometimes it would take a few tries to get the thing you want in focus especially if it's not smack dab in the center.  I was focusing on the 5 1.5m tile. The Q makes it easy.


The EVF is so darn good.  I wish I can show you.  It makes framing easy.  Compared to the m240 visoflex and live view, it has way more resolution and focus peaking actually works out better.


The dynamic range is also very good.  I was able to recover the highlights yet still get shadow details.  Here I'm at the Torrey Pines Golf course.  You can just walk right in from the Hilton.


Smooth bokeh but still not as good as the Summilux-M 28mm in my opinion.  Then again the M version has about 1/3 stop advantage in that regard.  But I really like the rich colors and the contrast.  I didn't do a single thing to this image other then export sharpening.


The Q has macro mode but I didn't even use it.  I've never been able to get this close with the M.  This was taken in the golf shop.


I am Lord Business Mwahahahaha!  Any Lego fans out there?

This camera is simply awesome.  That is my initial impression of the Leica Q.  I haven't shot with a camera that has auto focus in quite a while and it felt refreshing.  It felt much lighter then my Leica m240 with the Summilux-M 28mm even with the added grip.  I switched back and forth between using the EVF and the rear screen LCD and had a blast.  I had to remind myself that it's not a rangefinder.  You can't really compare it to an M.  But when you are hit with all this awesome technology it makes you wonder why they can't just make a native M mount version.  I would be the first one to get one.

Leica Q

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